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Carrot potato soup

Updated: Apr 26, 2018

Silky smooth carrot potato herb garlic soup perfect for winter days - perfect to dig into on cold days with some crispy croutons or ciabatta

And it's December already! Where did 2017 go?! As for me, it was one hell of an adventurous year, tough yet fulfilling. A year of several bold moves (more on that later).

On a different note, I absolutely love December - mostly for the lovely nip in the air which is perfect for digging into creamy soups like these, cozy up in a blanket and watching amazing movies.

I brought home some gorgeous red carrots and didn't want to just keep grating them into salads so decided to make this to satisfy my soup cravings for dinner last night. It's unbelievably easy and comes together really quick. Deep fried croutons are a huge weakness but I just decided to toast my bread and add to the soup instead.

Please tell me I am not the only one to eat ALL the croutons first?! Some childhood habits never leave you, do they?! My childhood was filled with soups like these - tomato soup was all time favourite, also beet soup for its gorgeous hues of deep red and a mixed veg soup that is my mother's specialty. Tasty, nourishing and full of flavour - soups are winter soul food I absolutely can't do without.

If you are avoiding milk in your diet, you can replace it with cream which works perfectly in this recipe. I don't like to add cornstarch in my soups to thicken them so I added a potato instead. Full recipe below.

Ingredients (serves 2) -

2-3 large red carrots - peeled and chopped into small pieces 1 large potato - peeled and chopped 1/2 onion 3-4 cloves of garlic - peeled water for boiling 30-40 ml of milk/cream (I used toned milk) salt and pepper to taste 1 tbsp of butter Mixed dried Italian herbs to taste

Method -

Saute the carrots, garlic, onion, potato in some butter, add water, salt and pressure cook (3-4 whistles is good). Once boiled, add the milk/cream and whiz in a mixer/food processor until lump free and creamy. Put the soup back in the pan and adjust the salt and pepper. Add the mixed italian herbs and let it bubble for a few mins. Serve hot with toasted croutons.

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